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The fall of society (to corporations)

People speak of some sort of fall of society all the time.

Divorce rates are high but are going down too, but about the latter: People are letting companies, mainly Google, Microsoft, and social networks, control their life and communication. And this is not a bad thing, the real issue is what these companies do with this power. When the internet came to be the society signed a contract with companies:

You make your services "free", and we give you who we are for you to sell and profit off of.

These days everything you do online is monitored, logged, and processed by companies like Google, Facebook, etcetera for a bit of money. Your identity is worth only 60 dollars per year. We have traded our privacy and identity for 60$/y. Congratulations. Microsoft's Windows 10 release tracks your search queries, location, and usage. They felt free to release this data too. Now, why is this a problem, why are you worried, people say.

This does not matter, I have nothing to hide

Yes it does, and you absolutely have something to hide. We all know this. And yes, I know that you mean nothing illegal and stuff, but you and I both know that both of us have secrets. Both of us have something to hide, no matter how severe. At this rate companies like Google, Facebook, ... know about you more than your closest friends and family. Let that sink in. A piece of software in a company's data center knows more about you more than you and your friends and family. Why? Because we allowed it. Because we traded our lives for 60$/y

I took these measures, and they're not enough:

People say life is a canvas for you to make your future on. Well, we made it a tablet monitored by companies. "But what is this data used for" I hear you cry. It's easy, for sale. I've written down the price above. Other than that, these companies did some stupid shit with your data too. I wasn't joking when I said they control your life. Google tracks your location at all times, and it's only opt-out. If this is not creepy I don't know what is. They aren't the only ones. Microsoft does this too

"But wait! What do I do?" I hear you cry. Sadly, nothing. You can take the measures I did, but even that isn't safe. Best we can do is spread awareness get people to start realizing they sold themselves for 60$/y.

Thank you for reading. Have a nice day, fellow corporal slave.